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Welcome to idyllic Bamfield, British Columbia, and the breathtaking Barkley Sound. The Village of Bamfield is only a short boat ride away from both the Deer Group Islands and the world famous Broken Group Islands (part of the Pacific Rim National Park). Bamfield offers sport fishing, kayaking, whale watching, scuba diving, camping, and hiking that are second to none anywhere in the world. Still, it is not only the natural beauty that make this Vancouver Island's west coast paradise, it is also the hospitality of Bamfield's people.

Bamfield Real Estate - brought to you by The Fenton Team

Bamfield Real Estate was designed to provide a comprehensive source of information, and service, to anybody interested in buying or selling, real estate in the Village of Bamfield, Barkley Sound, Kildonan or the Alberni Inlet. Chris Fenton is the teams Bamfield, Barkley Sound and Alberni Inlet real estate specialist. Please take your time to browse through the website and any of the properties listed for sale. While The Fenton Team specializes in real estate listings in Bamfield, they can help you get information on any MLS listing on Vancouver Island, and direct you to a professional local Realtor.

Above all else The Fenton Team strives to provide professional, high level of service and knowledge. If you have any questions about the area, any home, or property or want to have your real estate displayed on this website please email or call us anytime.

The West Coast in the Fall

The fall season on this stretch of Vancouver Island's west coast is an amazing time of year. The Village of Bamfield is tied to the sea, and the sea in the fall is a spectacle to behold, as it begins to teem with life. In the very early fall, the Chinook Salmon are making their way back from the open ocean to the very rivers they were born in, and will themselves breed in. The annual migration leads straight through Barkley Sound and the Alberni Inlet. With such an abundant food source, it is no wonder that the big predators make themselves known. Orcas, Sea Lions, Salmon Sharks, Bald Eagles, Black Bears, and of course Humans all show up for the festivities.

The fall weather in Bamfield, can be summed up with one word, mild. The first full month of the fall season is October. In October the average temperature in Bamfield in April is 10.2 Celsius (average high of 14.1 Celsius and average low of 6.3 Celsius). The average rainfall is 290mm. Meanwhile, snow is practically non-existent, with an average snowfall of 2.3cm!

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